Writing a play in six hours and having it performed in twenty-four? YES!

Simplexity:directed by Lisa Drostova

The GatekeeperI was selected to write a play for the Playwrights’ Center of San Francisco’s (PCSF) 24-Hour Playwright Festival, performed on March 23, 2013 at PCSF’s Studio 250 Theater. The production was a charitable event to support PCSF and included seven one-act plays comprising the Saturday evening format. All plays were written, directed, and rehearsed in less than 24 hours. The theme for the Festival, Simplicity, was chosen at random at 9 PM on Friday the night before the performance. All scripts had to be written and submitted the next day by 6:30 AM. The number of actors and the directors were also chosen at random.

The play I wrote, titled “Simplexity,” is a short, humorous play based on a random meeting between two college students at the campus coffee shop, Cafe 101. Claire, an art major, who just received a poor review of her painting from her art professor, is hysterical, and interrupts Devon, a lit major, talking on his cell phone while trying to make a deal to write another college student’s lit paper.Claire brings the complex to the simple in her art, and Devon believes he brings the simple to the complex in his writings for other students.

“Simplexity” was wonderfully directed by Lisa Drostova and the play was brought to life by two very talented actors: Rosalie Muller-Boiral, who played Claire, and Jerren Jones, who played Devon. You can view more information about the event here.

It was one of the most exciting adventures in my life. Electric, yet exhausting. As Lisa, the director said to the actors: You made the audience know what fun is! The audiences roared with approval for the actors, the director and for moi, the playwright.

I will discuss, in another post, the changing POV of a play, and the playwright’s dilemma in hearing the real voice on the stage.

Thank you so much for visiting and sharing in my joy!





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